Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By registering your center online, you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions.


As a registered Hookin2Hockey Centre, we agree to abide by the following conditions:


  • All persons involved in the delivery of Hookin2Hockey programs are to abide by Hockey Australia’s Codes of Behaviour.


  • It is recommended that a Hookin2Hockey deliverer has a minimum HockeyEd accreditation level of Hookin2Hockey/Community Coach. Community Coach Course


  • Centres cannot reproduce, without permission from Hockey Australia, any Hookin2Hockey materials or resources, including use of Hookin2Hockey Brand/Logos (brand guidelines)


  • All Hookin2Hockey programs must comply to the Hockey Australia/Hookin2Hockey brand guidelines and only reference “Hookin2Hockey” when talking about the program.


  • All Hookin2Hockey Participants must be registered into the Hookin2Hockey (SportsTG) member data base. Participant Registration


  • All Hookin2Hockey centres must ensure their online centre portal is up to date and all information is valid (SportsTG) Centre Portal Guides


  • All Hookin2Hockey Participants seeking refunds on Hookin2Hockey eequipment packs or full program refunds must ensure they meet the requirement outlined in the attached policy.