Social Media Help

Do Social Media The Right Way!

The attached guides, graphics and templates will help the Club or Program Administrator utilise social media in an effective way.


Reaching your Hookin2Hockey community through social media is vital to running a successful program so we’ve put together some materials to help you use your time efficiently and effectively!


Browse through our social media posting guides, online article template and free to use Hookin2Hockey graphics below.


To view any of the social media resources available please click on the links below. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or an equivalent program to view them.


51eFJFSBSLL Hookin2Hockey graphics pack

Graphic 1

Graphic 2

Graphic 3

Graphic 4

51eFJFSBSLL Social media posting cheat sheet

51eFJFSBSLL Online article template

Article Graphic

51eFJFSBSLL A detailed guide to using social media effectively

51eFJFSBSLL Social media image sizing sheet