Guide for Grown-ups

Guide for Grown-ups

What is Hookin2Hockey?

Hookin2Hockey is Hockey Australia’s junior participation program  aimed at participants aged 10 and under. Hookin2Hockey is designed to provide them with a fun environment to learn the basics of the game at any age. As hockey is a family sport, Hookin2Hockey also allows parents, guardians and siblings the opportunity to be involved through numerous volunteer roles that are important to the success of the program at centres.

Hookin2Hockey philosophy

When a young boy or girl has their initial cub experience with Hockey it is important that in addition to  learning the game of Hockey they also have the opportunity to develop life skills. Hookin2Hockey gives young people the opportunity to begin a lifelong journey with the iconic Olympic Sport of Hockey. It is a game that is actively played by participants as young as 5, both males and females, demonstrating that Hockey is truly  a family sport.


– Hookin2Hockey provides a welcoming environment for both the participant and their family to a new club.


– The skills that could take them to the Olympics can be learned through fun and engaging games at the local level.


– Safe practice! None of the skills or games require the stick to be raised above knee height. This means players are always safe.


– Skill demonstrations will assist participants learn the required skills so they can enjoy the games and the program to its fullest!


– Hockey is dynamic. The games will increase the amount of children’s’ physical activity, making them healthier, and increasing their involvement.


– Easy to learn. The games and sessions are designed to allow players greater space and time, making the game much more enjoyable and simpler to learn.


– Learning to love the game! Games are king in the program, there will be very few ‘drills’, all skills will be learned through game play. It’s more fun that way!!


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