How much does Hookin2Hockey cost?

Hockey Australia’s Hookin2Hockey RRP is $89 (Including a 3.85% processing fee) – This includes 8 sessions plus a participant pack delivered directly to the individual.  Some centres may increase the cost of the program, please note the 3.85% processing fee will apply to all transactions.

What does a participant pack include?

Pack inclusions and more information please see Participant Packs page.

How do I register a participant?

To register to a program simply head to Program finder select the centre and program you want to join, click register. Once registered it is recommended you make contact with the program coordinator if you have further questions.

How do I pay the registration fee?

Paying the registration fee is done during the registration process. To pay online follow the simple steps below:
1. Head to Program finder enter your postcode, centre, and program
2. Complete the online participant registration
3. Review your registration
4. Follow the payment prompts
– Finding a program:
You can find a Hookin2Hockey via the Program finder link on the front page of the website by simply entering you postcode and selecting the closest centre and program to you.

When & Where can I participate?

Hookin2Hockey is delivered at multiple venues across Australia, the flexibility of the program means that it is delivered all year round. To find your closest program visit the Program finder.

Do I have to wear a mouthguard?

Wearing a mouthguard is vital for your safety when playing hockey. There are a number of options when it comes to selecting a mouth guard, if you require more information it is recommended that you speak to a dentist.

What size stick should I order?

The following video will help when sizing your next stick.

Can’t find a local program!

If you can’t see a program close to you please email hookin2hockey@hockey.org.au where our support team will help locate a program or club closest to you.

Can parents get involved?

When filling out the participant registration there is an option to select if you are willing to assist on field or off field. You can also make contact with your program coordinator to express interest in assisting.

How do I get ready for my first session?

To be confident you are ready to go for your first Hookin2Hockey session ensure you are registered with your local program to enable your pack to be delivered before the start date .
Double check the start time and date of your first session, arrive early, and dress appropriately for the weather conditions, and always remember to stay hydrated.

How does my club or organisation get involved?

To become a Hookin2Hockey Centre you must register your program annually via the Hookin2Hockey website. To register your centre today click here.

What if I want to return my equipment pack?

Click here for Hockey Australia’s policy regarding the return of Hookin2Hockey equipment packs.

What if I want to seek a refund?

Click here for Hockey Australia’s policy regarding program refunds.