Centre Portal Guides

What do these guides do?

The attached guides will help the Club or Program Administrator manage the Hookin2Hockey Program Finder database system.


The guides will cover the following topics:


  • Player Management
  • Program Management
  • Emailing System
  • Reporting
  • Nominating Program Administrators
  • Adding the Club’s bank details

To view any of the Centre Portal guides below please click on the links below. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or an equivalent program to view them.


51eFJFSBSLL Running Hin2H Reports

51eFJFSBSLL Adding and Removing Venues

51eFJFSBSLL Editing the Program Administrator

51eFJFSBSLL Emailing Systems

51eFJFSBSLL How to Register a Centre

51eFJFSBSLL Adding Club Bank Details

51eFJFSBSLL How to Register a Participant

51eFJFSBSLL How to Setup SMS Communications

51eFJFSBSLL How to run an EOI Report

51eFJFSBSLL Making a Program Inactive